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Need Web Based Video & Audio?

flash video players

"An easy way for Web Designers, Developers & Freelancers to offer Flash multimedia to their customers"

Would you like the option to offer your customers Video and Audio for their websites, but just don't have the time or inclination to be doing with all that Flash multimedia stuff?

There is an easier way - just download one of our ready to use Video Audio and Media players. Each player comes with full instructions and a self-explanatory fully working demo.

All players have especially designed skins that fit seamlessly into virtually any website. Some Players will even automatically match the colour of your website.

Being part of the Flash Framework (YouTube et al), the players will work with 98% of user set-ups. They also allow the option to play multiple video/audio clips - easily configured via basic XML.

All this for as little as £5.00. What was that, did you just say "Amaaazzing!"? Nah, didn't think so.

New Flash Media Players

Our new media players allows you to stream audio and video files from the same single interface. Stream multiple audio and video clips, users can select clips via playlist displays. Update your files/playlists easily via XML. Change the player colour using the player 'skins' provided.

flash media player

Visit the Flash Media Players page for demo and details.

Flash Video Players

Gives you the chance to add video to a website both quickly and simply. A selection of generic video players allows you to add multiple video clips that play in sequence. The 'skin' will colour match to blend with any website.

Visit the Flash Video Players page for demo and details.

Free Flash Audio Players

Offers an easy way to add music or speech to a website. Simple audio players that allow standard MP3 files to stream on the Web. Add multiple audio clips and 'skin' colour matching.

Visit the Flash Audio Players page for demo and details.

Custom Flash Skins

This option is for those who require a unique, professional branded skin design for their website multimedia. Built from the ground-up, graphic interfaces could include custom shapes, colour schemes that match exactly your own, as well the integration of logos and straplines.

Visit the Custom Flash Skins page for details.