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"The beauty of Flash is that it allows you to present your multimedia the way you want"

Unlike other multimedia web technologies - Quicktime, Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc - Flash allows you to present your video and audio exactly the way you want, pixel perfect. But isn't that the way things should be? After all, the rest of your website is 'customised'; with its own unique colour scheme, logo, fonts and graphics. Shouldn't your multimedia interfaces also have that same customisation treatment, following that same 'Style Guide'?

Built from the ground-up, our Flash based graphic user interfaces (skins) will match exactly the visual properties you specify. So if you want quality, professional looking multimedia on your website then please contact us with your requirements:


Quality GUI Skins For Your Applications, Software, Multimedia & Web Gadgets

Maybe you're great at building fantastic software applications, but struggle with User Interfaces and Graphic Design? We often see really good, innovative applications that are let down by their 'usability' and the way they look.

We specialise in making User Interfaces that look great and are easy to use. So if you have an application that works well, but need help with the User Interface, then get in touch.


Video & Audio Optimisation Service

For video and audio to work well on the web you need to balance the 'quality' of the media with 'data flow' rate (streaming). Obviously you want your media to look good but the set-up of the 'average' person viewing it must be able to cope with the rate of data flow. If not, the media will not run smoothly.

Our optimisation service includes editing and remastering video and audio to suit web streaming. The conversion and optimisation of your original media files to match the capabilities of your target web based audience.

For help and advice email: enquiries@flashskins.co.uk

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