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Free Flash MP3 Audio Player 3*

Music By Beaker

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Same functionality as Audio Player 1 and 2. This one though is more 'environmentally friendly' - it's not always on 'stand by', you can turn it off! Actually a slightly different size too (339 x 150).


  • Standard Controls - Play, Stop, Pause, Next/Prev Track, Progress/Scrub.
  • Player Size - 339 width x 150 height.
  • Info - Time Elapsed, Track No., Total Track No., Artist and Track Title.
  • Play Multiple Audio Tracks - Sequence many MP3 in one player via XML
  • Five Set Colours - Black, Blue, Red (Default), Green or Magenta.
  • No Branding
  • Full Instructions Included

free flash mp3 player

Five skin colours to choose from.

If you use this MP3 Player on your site, drop us a line, we'd like to have a nosey - enquiries@flashskins.co.uk. Even better, as it would make us tremendously joyful, you could add a link on your site back to ours?

*Please Note: The above MP3 Player is free to use for all non-commercial purposes. If in doubt please contact us.

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