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Flash Media Player No.2 (Widescreen)

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Same design as our first Flash Media Player, only for widescreen 16:9 video. Allows you to play audio and video from a single interface. If you need something more unique - customised with your logo, colour scheme, etc - visit our Custom Skins page.


  • Standard Controls - Play/Pause/Stop Progress/Scrub Bar
  • Interactive Playlists - For both audio and video
  • Standard 16:9 Video Size - 384 width x 216 height (Actual Player 420 x 308)
  • 9 Colour Options - 9 skins for you to choose from - see below
  • Play Multiple Audio/Video Files - Configurable via XML
  • Free to Charity Organisations - Email us
  • All Branding Removed
  • Full Instructions Included

Download Now - £8.00. To buy click the PayPal button below. After payment you'll be taken to our Download page. Please read our Terms before buying.
Note: Payment through friezedesign.co.uk

flash media player skin mp3 video

Branding Option

You'll notice our Flash Media Player includes a 'Splash Page' that appears when the user first turns-on the player. This page can be used to add basic custom branding; such as a custom colour, a custom name, a custom typeface (font) and a custom logo.


If you would like to use our Media Player with custom branding, please email us for a quote: enquiries@flashskins.co.uk