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Terms Of Use

Payments are made through our default PayPal account at Frieze Design (www.friezedesign.co.uk).

You May:

1. Use as many instances of our Flash Player's as you wish within a single domain or IP. Basically this means you have license for use on one website only (www.yourdomain.com). Contact us to discuss multi domain terms - enquiries@flashskins.co.uk.

You May Not:

1. Re-sell our Flash Player's as your own product.

2. Create derivative works based on our Flash Player's for distribution as standalone or software components.

3. Use, copy, distribute or transfer our Flash Player's except as provided for in this 'terms of use' agreement.

4. Transfer ownership of our Flash Player's to another party (Web designers - you buy the player on your customers behalf).

5. Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble our Flash Player's.

Covering Ourselves - Disclaimer

All FlashSkins Flash Player's are provided as is. Any downloaded transfer of data from this site to your own computer or other equipment, is done so entirely at your own risk.