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JW Player Skin No.48 (JWP v5 Only)

XML based single skin using 24bit PNG files. Works best with JWP v5.2 and above.

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NOTE: The Skin you buy will have a the simple unbranded 'play' icon overlay.

Skin Specification:

Free to Charity Organisations - Email us

Need a Custom Colour? - Email Us

Separate XML & PNG Files - The skin file is completely separate from the JW Player SWF and contains no functionality scripting (AS3). Therefore the functionality of the JW Player is not effected.

Custom Branded 'Play Button' Overlay? - Prices start at £20.00, email us.

Download Skin Now - £4.00. To buy click the PayPal button below. After payment you'll be taken to our Download page. Please read our Terms before buying.

Important: You are purchasing a 'skin' only - you will need to download the JW Player in order to playback your media. You may only use the 'skin' within one web domain. To use on multiple domains requires multiple purchases. Payment through friezedesign.co.uk